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I don't know who your target advertisor or target advertisee is

But, if I were an advertiser, I'd worry that people willing to spend time looking at ad messages for money don't have a lot of disposable income... and thus they are exactly the type of people I don't care about advertising to.

But that solves the users' problem. No advertiser will ever send them spams or any promotional message.

I do see value in this for busy people. Who want to receive message by urgency. So yeah, if it's urgent then only contact me like use case certainly exists.

I actually liked the concept of pay to send message. Want to contact a star no problem. Pay the highest or set number of credits and you are in.

You are right that "pay to send" solves the spam problem. But gmail filters spam so well that this is already a solved problem.

Additionally, the sidebar ads in google or facebook are auctioned off to the highest bidder. So users are already receiving improved targeting based on pay-to-send. The only problem I see this solving for users, is that they collect the money instead of facebook or google.

That is very little money on a per-user basis. So it's not solving a meaningful problem.

I agree that there is huge potential in "pay-to-send." But this marketing appears to be off-the-mark.

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