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OwnStaGram: a self hosting instagram-clone to prevent privacy concerns
9 points by aya72 1555 days ago | hide | past | web | 3 comments | favorite
a few weeks ago I started a project to imitate instagram on my own server. I wanted to share photos, but keep full control over them. Due to the actual press around instagram and their changes in terms of use, I decided to publish my project even if its in early beta. I like to hear if you need such a solution and what ideas do you have.

Try it if you like: http://www.mad5.de/ownstagram/

Until now there is a first android-app to manipulate pictures and upload them to your stream. You can share single photos with a unique URL and let others comment on photos.

Things still in development: - email-notify if someone comments on my pictures. - user-management on my server - buddylist - keep a list of pictures from my friends I already saw - see gallery-pictures in app - add geoposition to pictures

I've been running my own for a while on an old version of Twitter-Image-Host that is now pretty hacked-up. The API endpoint is critical so things like Tweetbot and other social media apps (that are decent) can post back quickly.

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