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Out of curiosity, is there a process or an app that allows similar functionality with Flickr? (take photo --> apply filters --> upload & share to facebook/twitter/etc) ??

The Flickr app for iPhone does that for me =).

Flickr has been around for years. Instagram was "cooler" because of those retro filters and stuff.

They're not so cool now, are they?

It was 'cool' because it's a really nice mobile app experience. Flickr didn't have this until, uh, a week ago. (& that app is absolutely Instagram inspired)

It was obviously going to 'go south' with the FB acquisition, though.

It's built into Android. Take picture. Click Edit. Pick filter. Hit share button and you can choose Facebook/Twitter/Flickr/Google+/etc.

Wow, thanks for removing any reason I might have had for keeping Instagram. And to think I had this the entire time !

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