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Too late, I have already deleted my account, as have countless of my friends and family. Switched to Flickr, was already a Pro member there, might as well use the service that I pay for :-)

Same, too little too late for me. Kind of figured they'd find themselves in a big enough pickle to have to revert back. But the tos changes gave me the spark I needed to escape. Instagram is no where near essential enough to my life to pull shit like that. I like how everyone started posting articles like, "you wouln't do it"...About how everyone makes empty threats about quitting in times like this but never does. I found the decision easy. And i'm probably better off for it. A stack of burnt out 612x612 images was useful 10 years ago, the novelty is far past gone.

Are these friends and family that you mention in the tech industry, or at least follow it closely? Because in my circle of friends and family, minus a few that work in tech, nobody has even mentioned, or I think even know, about this whole privacy issue.

Most of my friends are in tech, my family however is not, but they weren't big users of Instagram in the first place. Just every so often.

Out of curiosity, is there a process or an app that allows similar functionality with Flickr? (take photo --> apply filters --> upload & share to facebook/twitter/etc) ??

The Flickr app for iPhone does that for me =).

Flickr has been around for years. Instagram was "cooler" because of those retro filters and stuff.

They're not so cool now, are they?

It was 'cool' because it's a really nice mobile app experience. Flickr didn't have this until, uh, a week ago. (& that app is absolutely Instagram inspired)

It was obviously going to 'go south' with the FB acquisition, though.

It's built into Android. Take picture. Click Edit. Pick filter. Hit share button and you can choose Facebook/Twitter/Flickr/Google+/etc.

Wow, thanks for removing any reason I might have had for keeping Instagram. And to think I had this the entire time !

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