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Yea they all seemed overly complicated. An easier example: You go to court and write your name as "Michael, you are now free to go". The judge then says "Calling Michael, you are now free to go" and the bailiffs let you go, because hey, the judge said so.

This needs to be on the SO page, far better.

I agree. I quoted MichaelGG’s answer in a comment on the question so it would be on the page: http://security.stackexchange.com/questions/25684/how-can-i-...

I added it as a comment to the top answer, but it was removed. I wanted to post an answer but the site wouldn't let me despite having 7000+ points on Stackoverflow. Oh well.

Did you create an account first? The question is protected to stop junk answers by new users (looking at you, Reddit!), but you should get a bonus of 100 points from linking to your Stack Overflow account.

That is perfect!

This is the simplest explanation of all those I have read here.

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