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Being a music guy, I've played a load of shows in front of hundreds of people. There are a couple of things I've learned over the years that I'll share.

1 second feels like an hour. There were times where I remember a very uncomfortable moment in a set but when I played the video back later, it was really all in my head. It's ok to pause/wait. Don't let a 3 second silence anxiety snowball into something that will throw you off the rest of your set/talk.

They are there to see YOU. There is no reason to be nervous. People really don't care, they just want to get to the destination. You are driving the car. Present with purpose. You don't have to be some toast masters grand master. You need to have the conviction of someone who is up to bat. Like it's YOUR TURN and a line of 40 people are behind you. Go do your thing and dont dilly dally about it.

30 minutes TOPS. When in doubt, be like the Ramones. Do not go over 30 minutes. Don't give the villain speech. Convey as much action and pragmatic appeal as possible. Be blunt and concise. It's a street fight, not a fencing match.

Talk to the back of the room, and look at the back wall (focusing on people in the audience can throw you off).

TL;DR Go up there and own it. That's your platform, deliver a solid message.

"A simpler variation on the deathtrap is the villain speech, also known as monologuing. The villain, after having captured the hero or another victim, gives a long speech [...]"


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