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prediction: people will download the digital files for the record models, then write software that will play them back from the file rather than having to print them out and playback on a physical machine...

Yes, and once they have circumvented the record files to play withou 3d printing, perhaps there will also be some manner of online store where one may purchase these digital files, a store for tunes! :)

I also expect people have software that can generate the model on the fly and just print a record straight from an audio file.

I thought there was already tech that allowed you to play audio from pictures (special?) of vinyls.

I haven't seen anyone image a whole record at once, but there are http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laser_turntable units which image the track as it spirals by (without wear from contact).

he was being ironic. We already have that technology.

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