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Older Android browsers (<= 2.2) had a two-part button, for zooming in and out. One tap, no menus involved. I much prefer this since I can hold the phone and zoom with one hand, using my thumb.

Google Maps for Android has something nearly identical with the +/- buttons. I've yet to find another browser that implements this behavior (Android 2.3 removed it for whatever reason).

Pinch-to-zoom has always felt gimmicky in comparison. Having to use two hands is annoying.

Gimmicky might be a stretch, but I genuinely can't think of the last time I used pinch to zoom. When browsing a double-tap zooms to the width of the element you're tapping, which is perfect.

Google Maps for iOS lets you double tap and drag up/down to zoom. It's a pretty nice implementation, just harder to discover.

Google Maps does that on Android too.

I actually never mentioned Android in my comment, I was merely stating that zooming functionality generally worked like that prior to iPhone. For example, on Blackberry, Pocket PC, etc.

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