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Wow, I was thinking to myself: "Jeez, look at all that trash those climbers have left on the mountain!"

Then I zoomed in some more, and realized the "trash" was actually tents.

Actually, a TON of trash gets left there. Oxygen tanks especially. Also- if you die there, expect to stay put.

Oxygen bottles are not nearly the problem they used to be due to programs in the late 90s and on where companies paid Sherpas (and other climbers) for bringing empties back off the mountain. There's also been a concerted effort to pick up trash starting ~1990 (see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earth_Day_20_International_Peac...)

Yeah, that's why I think my initial response was what it was. I knew that Everest gets trashed by the climbers (I don't actually know it, it's just one of those memes I've picked up on over time), so my initial impression when seeing the small brightly-colored objects in the picture was, of course, that is all that trash I've heard that gets left on the mountain.

Jesus, it's imposing. How small the tents are in comparison to even the ripples of snow at the base of the mountain!

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