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Cool, thanks.

Is there any way at all to get a standalone version of our creations saved outside of your service? Without a way to integrate with a web dev workflow (other than an embed) it's hard to put in the effort with this tool to produce something useful.

Just noticed another issue - You make me have to click the save button in the top otherwise I lose data. I created a couple of different projects and then went back to them and nothing was there. It's almost 2013 you shouldn't need to have an explicit save button in your web application ;)

What do you mean by standalone? A situation where you are hosting all of the necessary code to interpret and display what's made with the product? As in, an open sourced version of the graph editor and runtime (GEAR)?

Yeah, basically. Like how processing.js has a small runtime engine that can run processing documents, but you don't need the whole code for the entire authoring environment. Like CSS animations, but what you've got is more than those can really handle.

The exported code can be compacted, that's fine.

End goal is that I'd love the ability to save and export my creations and self-host them outside of your tool.

It'd be great if the animation worked with CSS3 in addition to or instead of canvas. I'd love to use some of this on my site without requiring a whole embed.

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