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I agree 3 years is more than many. A pitfall is it was with a small company so everything I learned (I learned a lot on the job) was the way they ran things and going from what the more experienced programmers said a lot of that was not how things ran elsewhere.

Even with 3 years though it seems that companies now want 5+ or more (it always seems out of reach).

Good luck with your project! What you described is completely foreign to me and I would feel much more lost than you I'm sure (more of a web but not mobile yet guy).

I wouldn't worry too much about web vs mobile. Give it 5 years and mobile browsers (on Android at least, the other two platforms are in lockdown) will be beefy enough to run webgl + html5 applications so I imagine a lot of people will start switching from apps to bookmarks of their favorite games.

Especially if internet service (and in particular the wireless) in the US gets less shitty.

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