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Somebody or FaceBook with it's infinite resources? What's the best he can hope for? Get his old account back and continue building a free product, all the while relying on the popularity of social network? If he becomes really big they'll turn it into a cat-and-mouse game like Apple did with other music players tapping in their iTunes. I was not thinking about courage, but rather about focus and choosing your battles.

> What's the best he can hope for?

He can simply continue his project in any way he likes. He doesnt need a facebook account to do so.

If he likes, he could also sue facebook for access. But as I said in another comment, I dont know US law enough to know if he would win.

As I understand it, he has a large userbase. So his project has a purpose. Just because its free, it doesnt mean its no good.

Ah but I didn't say it was "no good". Instead I said I was a user of Purity. Suing FB? Winning? We live in different world my friend ;-)

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