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Purity user here. Love your product but think perhaps it's time to let go. Attacking you personally with lawyers will end badly for you. Their goal is not to "win" but just to delay, frustrate and (if you keep it up) bankrupt you because of all the costs. It's the standard strategy followed by lot's of big companies with deep pockets. Purity rocked and so do you. I'd put those talents to good use on other ideas.

Not true. Big companies do not always win just because they are big. I wonder in what kind of world you live. When somebody has more money then you, you bow down no matter what he wants from you? Common. A bit more courage!

People see to want to know why others have downvoted them. Here you go - here's why I downvoted your comment:

You have rushed to make assumptions and judgments here and then insulted the OP. I don't understand why you felt the need to make a personal attack. It's unwarranted. The OP had some nice, encouraging words for the FB Purity guy and then here you go making disparaging remarks.

Although you might not agree with his point, there's no need to say "Not true" and then insult him.

Somebody or FaceBook with it's infinite resources? What's the best he can hope for? Get his old account back and continue building a free product, all the while relying on the popularity of social network? If he becomes really big they'll turn it into a cat-and-mouse game like Apple did with other music players tapping in their iTunes. I was not thinking about courage, but rather about focus and choosing your battles.

> What's the best he can hope for?

He can simply continue his project in any way he likes. He doesnt need a facebook account to do so.

If he likes, he could also sue facebook for access. But as I said in another comment, I dont know US law enough to know if he would win.

As I understand it, he has a large userbase. So his project has a purpose. Just because its free, it doesnt mean its no good.

Ah but I didn't say it was "no good". Instead I said I was a user of Purity. Suing FB? Winning? We live in different world my friend ;-)

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