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Poll: What would you rather build now? High-growth startup or small business?
2 points by majani 1592 days ago | hide | past | web | 1 comment | favorite
At this point, it's really hard to tell whether the HN crowd is geared towards fast-growing startups, or small businesses that would sustain a good living for the foreseeable future. Perhaps this poll could help. So tell me, HN, if you were to start a company, what would you rather build right now?
I would simply build something. Whatever way it goes, I don't mind
4 points
Small business
3 points
High-growth startup
0 points

Right now, I would love a lifestyle business...something that doesn't require me to go to an office but at the same time earns enough money so that my wife doesn't have to work. It would be great to have both of us at home with our 7 week old daughter.

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