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I'm with you on this. I dropped out of high school because it was becoming hard for my parents to support me, and there was certainly never going to be any money for university education. This is in a developing country, where English wasn't even my first language. Yet, I've always had this curiosity that made me want to learn, and want to better myself and my life. I've moved between countries and started from scratch a few times, having to make opportunities for myself. I think I've been lucky to not be stupid, but I'm also wondering if my upbringing didn't help a lot more than I thought. My mother took me to the library a lot as a kid, and my father was never good with money or appeared hard working or ambitious, but he was always knowledgeable or able to explain things very well and a rational manner. I was left to my own devices and guided to take responsibility for my own well being and figure things out for myself. Maybe that was it, I don't know.

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