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Ask HN: Pay for a skill-testing based recruitment service?
2 points by dinnu 1593 days ago | hide | past | web | 2 comments | favorite
I'm talking about a service kind of like interviewstreet.com, that helps weed-out bad hires by testing them for their sills and help you find people whose skills match those that you are looking for.

Would you actually pay for something like that?

one part of what a recruitment agency does, but as a web-based service?

as an employer: no, either the application, the CV and a quick google search convinces me and the person gets an interview, or not.

as an employee (which i had been in the past): a company which sends me to a stupid online test is probably not the company which i want to work with anyway.


do it anyway, and solve the issues mentioned above.

Plenty of companies do, but it's a trade-off on the false negative front.

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