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Honestly, I often think the same sort of way. Blaming the economy doesn't do anything useful, even if it is at fault. The thing you can control most is yourself, so often you whip that. It does seem really strange to me sometimes when I see people having trouble finding work, but they won't relocate or other things that are simply meaningless to me. They do often have less resources to make themselves valuable, though. I had a computer and lots of free time to program constantly my whole life. Someone working fastfood who likes to socialize and smoke in their free time would have to give a lot up, or not even be able to afford to spend time learning even if they wanted to. Most of them don't want to give up their going out at night, or watching TV or whatever anyway. Oh, well, everyone has their own values. You can try to explain to them that they have extra variables and knobs they can spin when they get desperate enough to want to change at least.

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