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Ask HN: What Is The Best Approach To Learn A Programming Language?
2 points by npguy 1824 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments
With so many options available - Reading Programming Books / Watch Tutorial Videos / Read Other's Code - what is the most effective way to learn a programming language?

Get a book about your language. Learn how to declare variables and the types of variables available.

Learn how to declare arrays and other structures.

Learn how to make your own structures.

Learn how to use input routines and output routines.

Learn conditional statements (if then else endif or equivalent, switch statements), loops (do while/ while do (they're different), for next or equivalent, do until).

Learn how to do arithmetic stuff, subroutines and functions. If available learn about pointer referencing. While reading C, I prefer to read * as "content of" and & as "address of". Much easier.

Learn about all other available functions for graphics, web, Input/Output, System calls, Library calls, Sockets.

If you can, learn procedural programming with structures first then learn object oriented programming. You're just starting: don't try to be an architecture astronaut yet.

Most important: have fun.

Combination of all ways is the most effective way. Start with understanding the "philosophy" of the language first.. if it doesn't have one then don't learn the language.

I have experimented with all those approaches,but the only one that works for me is reading a programming book that has lots of problems to solve.

Write code with it. Nothing beats hand-on experience.

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