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Ask HN: I want to leave Instagram, what are the best options?
6 points by cyrusradfar 1558 days ago | hide | past | web | 6 comments | favorite
With the recent TOS update and my general fear of them being assimilated in to the Facebook borg, I hoped for some guidance on which apps are the best out there.

If you own an app, feel free to share it and why I and others reading should use it. There are a lot of frustrated people that need an option.

I'm running a Nokia N900, and I use Classic Print as an alternative to Instagram. While the Instagram process goes like:

-Start the app, which cues your camera

-Take a photo

-Apply pre-set filter


The Classic Print app is a bit more complex and linuxy:

-Take a photo with the stock camera app

-Open the Classic Print app

-Navigate the filesystem to open the photo you just took

-Apply the filters manually (there is only one pre-set filter, but you can tweak the filter settings to change color balance, noise, polaroid-style white frame, fading, etc.)

-Save your modified photo

-Open your web browser to navigate and share to various social media sites

While it's not the easiest to use, it is all free and open source.

The new Flickr iOS app has pretty much all the features of Instagram. It's community, long dormant, seems like it's re-awakening. The #1 test for me is, when I come back to the app, is there new stuff from my friends. The answer so far seems to be yes.

Great to hear, thanks for the tip!

You can just visit this link and close your account https://instagram.com/accounts/login/?next=/accounts/remove/...

Apologies, if I wasn't clear. I understand "how" to delete it functionally, was just hoping for tips on where the best up-and-coming network is.

the updated flickr app looks promising. i've been a flickr member for years but was losing interest the past year or two. the new mobile app might bring me back.

i'm also considering starting a new tumblr site as a means to sharing my photos.

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