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Please Rate my new startup (kck.st)
7 points by zelaikha 1821 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

I'm probably coming across as totally devoid of emotion and just generally grumpy, but language like:

I use a fractional amount of healing herbs and large dose of love and reiki, making these chocolates extremely uplifting.

Is not what I'm looking for when it comes to talk about ingredients in food items. In fact, it's rather the opposite.

Thank you for responding! I write about the organic ingredients I use, as well as the local, fresh, wildcrafted, organic Chinese herbs earlier in the kickstarter. I just wanted to convey that the chocolates are safe to eat! I should word that better. But I do put a lot of love and good energy into making the chocolate.

What can I do to make it better?

No offense intended, but this is not a startup -- not unless you have some kind of plan for turning this into a scalable enterprise that would attract the attention of investors and lead to a novel business model over the next two years or less.

What you have is a business (maybe, if it works).

I mention this not to be a pedantic jerk, but because following advice for startups can be bad for traditional businesses, and following traditional business advice can be bad for startups. You want to be clear in your mind about what it is that you're building so that you make fewer mistakes.

I don't know anything about your intended market, so I can't be helpful. Best of luck to you.


Hi! Thank you for the response! When my friend and I made the video we decided to leave out hair nets and gloves. Spirit-Energy is the translation of Hü-Chi - the name of my chocolate. I'm a spirited acupuncturist. Dark chocolate and some of my ingredients are considered superfood. But no I have not checked with a lawyer. The statement about nutrigenomics was meant to support that we are what we eat.

I thought Kickstarter was past the start-up phase.

Oh - you mean - please buy some of my expensive chocks.

Misleading post or what?

Thanks for responding. The ingredients I use are expensive and I am not willing to compromise on the integrity of the chocolate. Hershey's is cheap, but look at the ingredients. Thank you, Dan. Yes, tempering machines and a commercial space is just to start. There's the ingredients and the packaging as well.

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