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This make a wildly naive assumption that paying for a product somehow makes it less likely that they will monetize your likeness. The truth is large companies with any swath of investors are expected to grow, thats how money is made. This means that there will need to be constant new revenue streams added on.

TLDR: Paying for any app just delays the inevitable monetization of content as the company is forced to expand and create more revenue.

Agreed with a caveat:

People could prefer services that have some sort of contractual agreement for perpetuity to never do anything creepy with your stuff. Those services would by definition have to have some sort of paid angle or make due with dumb ads. Now most people don't care but it's possible someone could, in DDG fashion, try and leverage the "don't be creepy" angle.

Perpetuity is a funny word when it comes to the law. In hindsight site it always seems to be a synonym for convenient.

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