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Ask HN: 'Simple' type of bank in the UK
2 points by joshuahornby on Dec 17, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments
Is there a service like Simple in the UK? Or a app which let me manage my money like Simple does?

I looked at this earlier this year. Lack of API access means that we cannot build an application similar to Simple in the UK. I e-mailed several banks and most of them did not reply.

My understanding of Simple is that the services they provide are simply provided by their partner bank, http://www.thebancorp.com/, which is a regulated financial institute. I'm not sure how the issue of API access is relevant but this may be my lack of understanding more than anything.

Real shame, is there a blog anywhere about the setting up of Simple? The idea is brilliant.

I believe these guys are working on something similar: https://holvi.com

I don't know if they're planning to offer a debit card though.

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