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Wow, this claim is basically fabricated. The content of this article is sourced from an NYT post (http://www.nypost.com/p/news/business/window_pain_for_ballme...), where the claims that Balmer may be fired are being speculated by "Gartner analyst Carolina Milanesi", who says:

> The success of Microsoft’s mobile strategy doesn’t hinge only on this quarter’s sales. But if the company can’t boost results into next year, Ballmer would become vulnerable, Milanesi said.

> “If Windows 8 were to fail, Ballmer would be questioned,” she said.

So this isn't even a rumor, it's some analyst making speculations and then being rebranded as a rumor by a 2-bit news outlet.

A lot of people want Steve Balmer to leave, of those, a subset seem to think that Steve Balmer is the reason that Microsoft isn't competitive with Apple or Google at the present time. A subset of those, have blogs and/or are reporters and they construct stories to support their belief structure.

Softpedia is not exactly known for being accurate or reputable.

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