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Because it should be.

That's actually not the correct answer. For most developers, it's not hard. Not only is it not hard, it's a joy to learn a language, or two, or eight. If this is a struggle, perhaps this is a barometer that you're on the wrong path.

I'm not saying coding should be limited to the elite. If you want to learn code because there's something burning inside of you, that's awesome. However, I'm thinking of the MBA founder who decided the startup thing was the ticket. They discover they need a developer, and that's expensive.

"Hey, this can't be that hard! I'll just learn to code!" I see this movement, and it's scary. Not scary because it's a threat to me. Scary because I'm a decent developer (been doing it sine 1998), and there's a lot of mean scary people who are smarter than me who want to break into code I've written. I can't imagine how insecure code from someone who wrote their first line 6 months ago. Learning is cool, we were all there. The idea that production apps are being launched based on this experience level definitely isn't cool. I might be totally off base here, but I feel like this is a rising trend. Crackers are going to have a field day with all the superduper.ly's out there.

It takes 3-5 years to get a marketing or management degree. Anyone who thinks they are going to learn to code in 3 months and build the next Instagram is so delusioned they make the most southern Baptist church look like a center for logical discourse.

I agree, well said!

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