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Did the capacitors destroy the supply? I managed to repair mine: http://blog.jgc.org/2011/11/back-from-dead-with-power-supply...

If anyone is tempted to try this without purchasing a suitable kit, make sure the parts are suitably rated. The 250V non-polarised C2 may be safety critical if it's a line to line or line to neutral capacitor - look for an "X" or "Y" marking (I can't tell from the damage evident in John's photos). Lots of information on line-rated caps at http://my.execpc.com/~endlr/line-filter.html.

Yup, it's dead as can be :( But no problem, I'll find another one somewhere. This was a 'master 128K' version, my original became an embedded computer in an arts project at some point.

Depends if they blew the traces off the board (that happen to my Master Turbo). Soldered on paperclip fixed it but was probably a small fire waiting to happen.

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