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Ask HN: could someone send me an invite to Lobste.rs?
3 points by achompas 1683 days ago | hide | past | web | 9 comments | favorite
This site was posted a week ago under another meta-HN thread:


It looks interesting (filtering topics by tag), and I'd like to join. Can anyone send me an invite? My email is in my profile.

If someone could oblige me with an invite (see profile for email) as well, it would be much appreciated!

I'd like one, too, to the address in my profile.

i'd also like an invite please! thank you! http://scr.im/phlphl

I sent you an invite.

Haven't received it yet (if you sent it to me, and not another commenter).

Resent the invite.

I'd love to check out lobste.rs too if you wouldn't mind inviting me

would love one as well

thanks a lot

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