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Ask HN: Who are your 'must follows' on Twitter?
6 points by muratmutlu 1023 days ago | 6 comments
I'm looking to start following more users who constantly unearth great content and things to read, I'm finding that the Twitter suggestions are good in terms of similar industry/skills but many don't tweet often or share links

Slightly off-topic, but Twitter has all but replaced RSS for me. I'm getting more value out of following people I have similar interest to than I did subscribing to their feeds.


What are your main interests?


Innovation, tech, mobile, design :)


News in general:






Science (and popscience):

















couple rails-people:




and of course:



I've got many more but these are the ones I just pulled together scrolling through my feed.


great list thank you!


for 'those' kind of days when u need a quick laugh @NotANark


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