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At Qard.at we used 3 Heroku dynos for: web server, mobile API, and our CMS. We used MongoLab for our MongoDB database. We also used Amazon S3 for static assets like CSS and images. The system was tested with Blitz.io and could scale to 7M hits/month. Our monthly fees were less than $1. The takeaway from this is not that you should run your company on free services, but that you can get started for (as good as) free with a scalable architecture which is then easily transferrable to AWS or similar once the need arises.

7M hits/month is 2.6 hits/second. #justsaying

Also, how are 3 Heroku dynos less than $1/month? 2 non-free dynos are $40 right off the bat.

My bet is they are set up as three apps, in which case, you get 1 free dyno per app (all of them).

Sorry typo. 7M hits per day. It was tested with 250 concurrent users, and page load times consistently stayed below 300ms (measured end-to-end).

Andrew is right, we set up three different apps and so each is free.

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