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@Everyone: Help me flag this comment.

@OP: I've flagged your comment. Hoping you or a moderator sees that you accidentally posted from your not-throwaway account. I could figure out what startup you are a founder of.

While I'm glad this was noticed because of the OP wishing to not be publicly identified, I also note that this more generally will relate to a huge issue we have in society right now... we are not willing to have any sort of real, open, honest and frank discussion of depression or other mental health disorders and diseases.

This is tragic and any person should be able to feel without stigma to be suffering. No one should have to feel, or need to, suffer in silence or anonymity.

I wish to see the flagged comment. Why this censorship?

The comment was essentially a "Thanks everyone for the support, I will answer your emails" posted by (presumably) the OP with his real account. Nothing worth getting excited about censorship.

We can't get all we wish in life, the comment offers you no benefit and potential further harm to the OP.

You should not be making that decision for me nor the OP. Maybe the comment is actually very valuable, contrary to your beliefs..

I fail to see how personally identifying information from the OP would help you responsibly diagnose and treat illness over the internet.

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