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If you're in Australia, call lifeline ( 13 11 14 ) or they have a chat service at particular hours - https://www.lifeline.org.au/Get-Help/Online-Services/crisis-...

They are great - I've used Lifeline in the past.

I ummed and erred about posting this, as I wouldn't (and don't) want to detract anyone from reaching out to Lifeline. This is strictly an n=1 sample.

I disturbingly had a less than great experience with Lifeline the one time I needed some help. Specifically the operator told me she didn't understand my issues or why I was calling. The fact that I had expectations of being able to access an understanding counsellor and had saved them as a last point-of-call when other options were exhausted made this particularly unhelpful. Thought I'd post this as potentially my own expectations made this situation worse (and if I'd read this or other online accounts I might have had lower expectations).

Still, I got through that so maybe it was the right thing to tell me.

That's surprising... They were very supportive of me :-( I'm surprised!

I'm glad to read things got better :-)

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