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Have ever triedgoing to gym (or working in phisical work (helping a friend)), and consuming paleotic foods (no pizzas). Also, have a girlfriend. Additionally have some friends or relatives to go out or ask them to come to your home.

Re: girlfriend - I'm not sure this is wise advise. By all means, find a loving relationship, but don't do it just because you are depressed. That will most likely end in disaster - for both of you!

But then they can be depressed... AND codependent!

Additionally I will respond here and say that I don't think it's wise advice to recommend a Girlfriend (or boyfriend?) for the original poster. I don't know if you've ever suffered from depression, but you rarely even want to emerge from the house while suffering it. To say that you would be able to function in a loving relationship properly is a long shot indeed.

Working out, helpful, changing diet... sometimes helpful.

As for having people visit, I would say this would be helpful but would be dependent upon the situations for your depression.

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