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I'm fairly confident Pinboard won't be raping hundreds of thousands (millions?) of people, engaging in wars of aggression on its neighbors, or conducting worse chemical warfare and other medical experiments than the Nazis. I can see how one might get confused though.

In the same way is still happening in places like Okinawa: http://www.stripes.com/news/pacific/okinawa/marine-given-fou... ?

Nice troll, but one Marine in a large force committing a horrible crime and then being punished isn't really indicative of a national policy. If it were, the US would also be supporting killing US soldiers on military bases in Texas due to MAJ Hasan's spree shooting a couple years ago.

OTOH, it's crazy that that guy got only 4 years. 10-20 would be more appropriate. Hopefully being convicted under Japanese law doesn't prevent additional action under UCMJ to run consecutively.

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