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Ask HN: Online courses platform
6 points by reion on Dec 15, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments
A lot of my friends lately asked me, if I would be willing to teach them programming. Most of them don't live in the same country as me anymore, so online teaching is my only option.

So here is my question - have any one of you used online courses platforms and can recommend some?

I did some searching I didn't find one that would offer highlights for code you upload.

My recommendation, Skype, pastebin, and go from there. Not quite what you're asking for but solves the problem quite well. You can screen share as necessary as well.

Yeah, I was looking for something more organized, where i could keep everything in one place, like Udemy, but more programmer friendly.

github? They're gonna use it eventually anyway.

Actually I was thinking about that, untimely, if I don't find anything better, I will just us github.

Try checking out Stanford's opensource online course platform:


I've been thinking about this problem. If you email me (hrishi @ prettygraph.com) with some more details, I might be interested in building something for you.

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