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codewright 487 days ago | link | parent

>(but can you actually run a modern app stack on just 128 MB of RAM?)

C/Golang/Lua/Vala/SBCL/Ada/Pascal and an embedded datastore like bdb!

Why in my day we used to write little apps with C and bdb that used less than 5mb of memory! (Sqlite didn't exist yo.)

Heck these days you get (ENTERPRISE) choices like LevelDB and BangDB.

Edit: Who wants to have a datastore-backed c10k contest on prgmr machines? :D

notJim 487 days ago | link

Ha, I'm aware that if you're careful, you can do it, but I was more thinking of a python or ruby stack with MySQL (or whatever) that most people would use :).


codewright 487 days ago | link

MySQL and Ruby could be made to work. (on 128mb of ram)...concurrency would be awful though.

I was trying to be lean.

Ruby users are quiche eaters anyway. Real programmers write their code in Fortran and persist to a hierarchical database on a mainframe.


bcbroom 487 days ago | link

Real programmers use a magnetic needle and a steady hand.


eropple 487 days ago | link

Haha. That's funny.

You think real programmers need needles.

Or hands.


lubujackson 487 days ago | link

I still feed the punchcards into the mainframe with my mouth.


sturadnidge 486 days ago | link



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