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Stripe will happily waive the first $37 in fees.

PagerDuty will similarly offer a $37 credit towards an account with us.

5KMVP will offer $37 off the building of your MVP.

The value in accepting $37 from pinboard or a16z is in getting a lot of exposure and not the money.

Are you serious or joking when you made this offer? Either you guys missed the point or you want to put your name on the meme of the day. Can you give me a compelling reason for me to accept the $37 from you?

Well....just like with pinboard, it is partly tongue-in-cheek.

Although, in the spirit of low friction, I would gladly honor any such requests for a discount.

Now, what would be really great is if all of you guys were offering these services for $37 for the first month or so :)

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