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Andreessen Horowitz will match your $50 with another $50.

Does that mean that recipients can legitimately tell the press and other investors that a16z is one of their investors?

Assuming that the recipient can keep a straight face?

EDIT: Perhaps having a16z as the only VC in your seed is a very bad idea. Chris Dixon (now a partner at a16z) cautions enterpreneurs against the risks of having a sole VC in your seed round:


"I can think of about 15 founders I’ve spoken to recently who tried or are trying to raise Series As but are seriously hampered by the fact that a big VC invested in the seed round but isn’t participating in the Series A."

If our $50 participation hampers your A round, we will bridge you with another $15.

I would love that offer - care to make it official? http://lookapinky.com

Then I'll kick in another $5 for a pier.

pmarca: I think you're onto something here.

A large micro-investment portfolio.

Anything in this portfolio is sort of a tip of the hat from a16z, a micro-endorsement that messages: "we've got our eyes on this company."

Due to the reduced size of the round, the announcement can only cite investment from a1z.

oh, the LULZ! ;)

Excellent. Not too long ago I asked a partner at a very well known VC firm if they would consider investing a small amount ($x00) in many "startups" to see if the founders would use the money effectively and follow up with a more serious investment if so. He looked at me as though I was asking sarcastically rather than sincerely.

I'm confident that these six new Pinboard/Ptacek/A16Z companies will have excellent return on investment.

Humor aside, there are many smart founders but being brilliant and being money-minded are orthogonal.

I wonder how much having any amount from a top-tier investor like a16z is worth (since you don't need to reveal the amount, at least initially, and once they're already talking to you...). Presumably that $50 is worth more like $5-10k, unless someone reads this thread.

Yuri Milner will match with his usual $150K... because that how they print them US money in Russia

I guess people didn't get the joke! Atleast it should have ended here.

Heck, I will wager $37 that submitting your startup idea to HN will get you more exposure than posting on Pinboard's blog.

Shit just got real.

I'll match the $50 in development services from AbtainLabs.com as long as Ruby on Rails is used. Small sites could actually host on Heroku for free.

Are there any good "State Engine" packages for use with Ruby on Rails? I have been working in Javascript for the Windows 8 UI (and probably PhoneGap to make a quick Android port), but if it would help get the product done to go another direction, I am willing to consider.

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