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"The project aims to draw attention to the fact that if you have access to technical labor, the startup and operating costs for an online project in 2013 are negligible. The biggest obstacle to creating something useful is finding the time to build it and attracting an initial pool of paying customers."

Good thing that in the brave new future world of 2013 labor and marketing are completely free of all costs, opportunity and otherwise.

"Dear angel investor, I need to raise $500k to cover my opportunity costs while I work on this startup."

Fortunately opportunity costs can be paid in equity. Rent, car insurance, and groceries can't.

You just need a more risk-seeking landlord and grocer.

I call them Mum & Dad.

I think I can safely say this is HN's Retort Of The Year.

When I close on my house, I'll have to offer housing-for-equity. I wonder if that works.

During the 1998-2001 bubble, landlords (and lawyers, etc.) wanted warrants on top of normal (inflated) cash costs.

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