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We're only up to $87 so far in my book. Pinboard and tptacek are legit; toomuchtodo has yet to show us credentials.

Already replied to this comment, but what the heck, I thought about what you said and had some more to add (since my original posts were "ha ha" funny, or at least I thought so).

I don't have startup credentials. My last startup was 10 years ago; I built a hosting company and sold it to a consulting firm for a couple hundred grand. I'm still in IT, so I clearly haven't made enough to cash out yet (I'm an IT operations lead; paid well, but definitely not F-you money).

I'll offer something better though; come to me with an idea I believe in, something that is going to change the world for the better. I'll provide free room and board for six months while you build it (my wife and I aren't great cooks, but practice makes perfect). If you get huge, awesome. I don't want any equity, I just want you to succeed. If it doesn't work out, head on over to a code school in SF that guarantees you a high five figure salary after your time with them.

I can't offer credentials; I can offer to give what I can to help someone reach their goals/dreams. The startup scene needs an airbnb.com for founders who don't need cash, just time and a place to live, and for people who are willing to host said founders at no (or very little) cost to help with their goals.


I like this idea. How can I get in touch? (Email won't show in your profile unless you put it in the "about" section.)

I'm being vetted as an "investor" on the HN comment board. Forgive me for thinking this situation is hilarious.

$137. pmarca seems legit too.

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