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nice work; some feedback on the windows 8 version:

- note titles should be editable directly (currently the note takes the title of whatever my first line of text is; feels odd)

- support for bullets and numbering would be nice (lack of these was immediately apparent when creating my first note)

- being able to pin individual notes to my start screen would also be nice (a very basic feature, common among w8 apps)

and i know this is subjective, but relating to the design, i’d highly recommend removing the colour gradient from the app tile; it’s particularly pronounced and feels very inconsistent with the design principals of the os

also, i really like the idea of charging to enable syncing across devices, though i (personally) find it less appealing than i otherwise would given there is no companion app for windows phone.. any thoughts on a wp8 release? as an aside, i think it would be interesting to hear how that goes given the similarities between the two platforms and supposed ease in porting code from one to the other

Thanks for the feedback. We will make sure those suggestions are incorporated in the future update.

As for the colour gradient, not sure exactly what you mean.

No plans for wp8 at the moment, Android is next on the list.

always glad to help; and i really am enjoying the product by the way.

regarding the colour gradient comment: i was referring to the background of the app tile/icon.. it fades from a dark yellowish to a light brownish, a fairly pronounced shift. while there’s nothing wrong with that generally speaking, it tends to contrast (in my opinion, in a bad way) the ‘metro’ design common to the os where gradients are typically avoided, or less pronounced if used, in favour of flatter design (solid colours)..

regarding the wp8 version: totally understand you have to prioritize. if you ever do get around to it, would love to hear your thoughts on the process of porting from w8 to wp8.

all the best

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