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Every single game from GitHub Game Off 2012 (gelisam.blogspot.ca)
32 points by gelisam 1621 days ago | hide | past | web | 9 comments | favorite

Whilst I'm kinda disappointed that my game (Space Ham https://github.com/dafrancis/SpaceHam) was 104th on the list, on the other I shouldn't really. I didn't spend much time on the game at all and although I could have spent time making the theme coherent and making a solid and fun/engaging game I ended up submitting what I managed to build anyway since at least then I would have something to show.

I also took part in Fuck This Jam (http://bmo.fuckthisjam.com/) in November which could also explain my lack of effort. Since I did the mistake of "not using a game engine" or "not knowing how to do graphical game interfaces" my games tend to look rather crude and mspaintlike. I did learn a lot about canvas though in the last month so it wasn't all for nothing.

Github Gameoff and Fuck This Jam were the first time I've gone and participated in a jam on my own. I've learned a lot of things and I think I will be better prepared next time I decide to partake in another jam. Perhaps I'll take a few art lessons as well...

I don't think not using a prebuilt game engine is a mistake. It's a bigger challenge. It may be an issue of 'who came here to win' versus 'who came here to learn'. My game (The Moonening https://github.com/incorrectangle/game-off-2012) is completely from scratch as well. Of course, there are bugs, and the poster mentioned that in his one liner - but if you're building everything from scratch you're severely disadvantaged and bugs are expected. It's a game jam! So try to give yourself some extra credit when you compare your efforts to others.

While this is an awesome list of 112+ games, I don't really have too much time to go through and play them all for awhile. Any specifically that I should check out or are worth giving a shot? Thanks, and thanks OP for making this awesome list! :)

I know, that's why I sorted them! I think the first 18 are especially worthwhile.

Thanks for sharing the list of all the games, and especially thanks for putting us on the 16th, we have received a lot of feedback since the contest launch and would love to hear yours, we are implementing several changes in the game play, it'll become faster and will have more levels in a few weeks.

Also we are preparing the lunch for the android version :)

Oops! I missed that in the top paragraph! Thanks! :)

Nice with the one-line descriptions of all games.

thanks I played the first one - echoes of silence, is cool, kinda slow when you need to move elements : P but it's cool, I'm going to play others at night.

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