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Ask HN: Lets start connecting and working together - Post your story
6 points by marcomassaro 1804 days ago | hide | past | web | 9 comments | favorite
I know a bunch of HNers here have:

  (1) Great ideas but haven't pursued them

  (2) Domains that are sitting and undeveloped

  (3) Live websites - but need help in one way or another
Lets use this thread to post (1) (2) or (3) above with a description, along with who you are looking for: partnership, consulting, designer, developer, marketer, sales person etc

I know the HN community has so much to offer so I think this thread can be a great way to collaborate and find people to work with.

#### Don't forget to have an email address in your profile's "about" section so others can contact you ####

I have a niche website that sells a digital service that i started in june. It gets 5-8 sales a month now (each of $30) and raked 1700 people who registered in the past to a mailchimp email list. It has the potential of making >120 sales a month with a good push from seo, email campaigns and the like.

I haven't touched the website for 2 months and i'm considering selling it if someone is interested. Maybe even something else? if anyone owns a website that sales, maybe we can take percentage out of each others websites and spice it up?

I'd be interested in talking about it, either to buy out or to collaborate.

You can contact me via the email in my profile.

One thing to note though is that your email isn't visible in your profile, unless you put it into the 'about' field. The email field private and only available so HN knows where to send your password reset link.

Interesting - do you have an email where I can reach you?

yes just click on my profile

(2) - I have Challengify.com a web 2.0 ify type domain, which can be used by startups and goes with various innovative web startup ideas.some are - self motivating app, programming challenges

I am either willing to giveaway this domain name or ready to partner with developers and like minded people to start something BIG!

Cool domain thanks for posting. Quick heads up: make sure you have an email in the "about" section of your HN profile so other users can contact you.

Thanks Marco!

We are small Mobile application studio for iOS / Android Apps and Games. If you have something in mobile space , feel free to connect with me.

I am teaching myself iOS development while working on a few side projects.

Feel free to shoot me an email!

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