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I thought it was very interesting. As for being a unique perspective, why would I care about uniqueness? I care about it being informative to ME, and since I'm nowhere near 16 (and we'll just leave it at that), I'm interested in hearing about what is COMMON KNOWLEDGE, therefore NOT unique, to countless kids his age---an age I didn't have to guess at because he did me the favor of telling us.

If there's an element of, "look at me" in his headline, how is that different from every other headline on HN and every other news site? The headline tells you what the "hook" is, and if you aren't interested, move on to the next hook.

And if your point is that the site is cluttered with contributions announcing a kid's age, well how many more contributions are there announcing, "well, that wasn't very interesting to me"?

To the OP: You did fine, kid. All publishers in all media get the approval of only a fraction of their potential audience. The best anyone ever does is to interest a small sliver of humanity. Listen to feedback, but be aware that it will be all over the map, from "Love it, do more!," to "Hate it, shut up!", to stone silence and background crickets. You can't follow all of it; just consider your options, adapt as you see fit, and keep going.

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