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Advice from a 30 year old: Go learn to code now. At a minimum know HTML/CSS/JS. It takes 10,000 hours of practice to master something. Cut your teeth in high school and college. When you get out, you'll be incredibly hirable because you'll actually know how to get things done and launched. College doesn't (usually) teach you that.

Need help getting started? Find a small company in your town that needs help with their website. Offer to do it for $10-$20/hour. You'll build up your resume and portfolio in a single go.

Sorry for unsolicited advice - just cheering you on!

Thanks, I actually began teaching myself HTML and CSS two years ago and a few months after, I learned PHP. I created a few projects and feel PHP is currently my strongest language. I'm now learning RoR and taking a Java class in my High School but it's fairly easy because I already have some experience with C++. I'm also in an HTML class currently (not my choice) and the teacher recognized that I already know the curriculum so she lets me use her Lyna.com subscription to learn things that interest me (currently RoR). My first impressions of RoR are that it's awesome! Each video I watch I think to myself, "Wow, this simplifies some of the things I used to do in PHP immensely." Anyways thank you for the advice, I definitely plan on going to college and I've already been looking at some schools. I've also already created a few websites for some local businesses. I believe the company MediaFire is actually based in my town so I was considering possibly reaching out and asking them if I could be some sort of intern. Thanks for the comment!


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