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Interesting but this screams white upper class. If I went back to my middle or high school, (Madison WI, which is hardly as diverse as other areas) I don't think it would be the case that every 8th grader has an iPhone or iPod touch.

That's a good point. My school is often criticized as being a white upper class school, mainly because of it's location in my city. I thought about trying to mention this in my article, and in hindsight should have.

Why is "white upper class" a "criticism"?

You're supposed to feel guilty for being rich, these days. Specially if you're white. Double that if you're a male.

Fortunately, if there's something you should feel guilty about, you can complain about a liberal conspiracy to sooth your conscience.

It's a criticism of the article for speaking over-generally based on a narrow experience, not of the author's lifestyle.

It shouldn't be, but that's the tone people have when talking about it.

Thanks for writing that up! I wish I had been as aware of these things as you are when I was your age.

> it's location

"its location".

You're 16, there is still hope that you can be a good speller, as opposed to most grown-ups :-)

I'm as much a grammar-and-spelling nazi as anyone and can quote you chapter and verse the difference between it's and its, your and you're, effect and affect - but considering I've misused every one of these within the last week in email and sundry comments scattered across the interwebs, I'd argue this is not much more than "sometimes we all type fast and fuck up" ;)

Here in Malaysia, there are plenty of children under 12 years who regularly use iPhones. It's not uncommon to see toddlers swiping away on iPads.

I'm sure there's plenty because of the overall population, but as a % of the total? I doubt that many.

> Interesting but this screams white upper class.

This seems rather harsh. Every 16 year-old at high school is going to have some limitation in experience. This is just his.

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