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>As a sidenote, I've noticed that teenagers love to declare their age when posting on the internet, as if their youth entitles them to an audience.

I get that feeling sometimes. I always feel bad about it afterwards. Don't worry, he'll regret it later.

Source: I'm 16. I've mentioned my age on the Internet many times, every time I felt like a dick about it later.

PS: This kids writing annoyed me, I know I must be doing something annoying with mine that I'm not noticing, please point it out to me; thank you in advance.

Comma splice

Don't feel bad. Many adults don't even use commas properly.

Thank you. I've actually thought of that one before. Since it is noticeable, maybe I'll try fixing it tonight.

A worthwhile idea. If you want a nice concise grammar & style reference, Strunk & White's The Elements of Style is a classic.

I disagree. Rather than rant myself, I'll just point you at these august opinions:



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