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It is the first time I've had this grumble, but I migrated here from Reddit to escape the onslaught of everybody-look-at-meeeeee-I'm-a-teenager!!! Apologies if I come across as grumpy; I guess others found more value in the post than I did.

One cynical way to look at it: it's free market research from a high-spending demographic that's completely impenetrable to outsiders. I'm grateful for it, although I share your wary distaste of age-declaring youths. (Shades of those irritating, high-achieving 21 year olds who declare with no sense of irony that they've done more than people twice their age.)

Sorry to single you out and jump down your throat a bit!

Wholeheartedly agree in fighting the good fight and preventing HN from drowning in noise like everything else :)

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