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They got 18% conversion on their clicks from Perfect Audience? Seems dubious.

With such a small sample of data 109 sessions vs 68 sessions... I wouldn't call this a clear winner.

This could actually just be a case of misattribution of sales.

For example, if the customer clicks on a Perfect Audience ad, they could be tagging that customer as "theirs" for the next 30 days, or forever. So imagine someone clicks on this ad, browses the site again, and leaves. Then they come back 5 days later of their own accord and make a purchase. Perfect Audience may be (incorrectly) attributing that sale as their own.

I'd like to see the Ecommerce breakdown that GA is reporting. (this data: http://www.pearanalytics.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/2012...)

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