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We were limited by Google Authenticator usage, so yes, backups are absolutely awful, but it was the only way we saw fit in case you had to upgrade/lost your phone.

Now our service Authy and it's Tokens are completely different. If you sign-up to Authy.com and use our Tokens, those are:

1. Full 256 bits secret seeds.

2. They are never backed-up.

3. Guaranteed to only exist on 1 phone at any given time.

4. We not only regenerate new tokens for new device, we also allow 1 click remote reset of the device tokens.

5. We have a huge number of improvements over Google Authenticator.

7. Tokens are not 6 but 7 digits long.

This version added support for legacy Authenticator Tokens. The existing Authy tokens like CloudFlare, DNSimple etc are not limited to the Google Authenticator addon.

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