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Show HN: I made a song for your landing page video
6 points by MattBearman on Dec 13, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments
Some of you may know me as a freelance developer and the founder of BugMuncher, but my primary passion in life is actually music.

I've recently decided to have a go at making some money from my music by submitting songs to Audio Jungle. So far I've only submitted 2 songs, but both were approved for sale first time, so I guess I'm doing something right :)

My second submission is a song I wrote specifically with tech start-ups' landing page videos in mind:


Hopefully it can find a home on someone's landing page :)

Awesome, I always wondered where I could find nice soundtracks like this for demos. Good stuff.

I love it. Plus this is a smart way to market your work.

Thank you kind sir :) I've got another couple of start-up focused tracks like this which I'll be publishing soon.

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