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Ask HN: What are the most innovative web frameworks?
9 points by metajack 491 days ago | comments
There doesn't seem to be nearly as much discussion of new web frameworks as there is of programming languages and databases.

I've heard of or used Webmachine, Hop, Opa, etc. What are some others and which are your favorites and why?

r4vik 491 days ago | link

Meteor is kind of nuts: https://github.com/meteor/meteor, real time, database abstraction built right into the browser/js, no lag for saving as it uses background sync.

Screencast is here: http://player.vimeo.com/video/40104996


dotborg 488 days ago | link

very cool debugging nightmare,

if you like coding in text editor(vim, notepad etc.) and debugging with println`s, meteor is for you :)


joshcanhelp 491 days ago | link

I wish I had a reason to use Meteor because it looks like a lot of fun!


lazyjones 491 days ago | link

http://zotonic.com/ is pretty innovative (the event-driven model e.g.) and so is http://www.helma.org/ (elegant, server-side JS, heavily used by large websites like orf.at for many years, but not widely known).


techwraith 491 days ago | link

The Geddy framework for Node.js is doing some pretty cool things these days. It provides a good architecture for real time MVC apps.

Yammer is using it for it's file uploads service.

It's got a great website and it's docs aren't bad either.



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